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[Sing-ups] Mafia Jungle.

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1 [Sing-ups] Mafia Jungle. on Sat Mar 28, 2009 10:15 pm



This is a fun mafia game taking place in the jungle. I made it out of pure boredom.


No role-revealing.
No spamming.
No trolling.
No hanging out after you're lynched and flaming.
You can only change your votes twice each day.


It was the day of a massive college field-trip to New-Zealand. All the students were between the ages of 18-40,so there were some people who needed a life. The first night, a huge cry was heard. *BOOM!* A gun shot was fired. The next day, a man showed up. "I am PM. There are 6 followers of mine who are killing you each night. All 9 left will vote on the next person to be killed." And then he vanished. The 10 were shocked.




Age: (18-40)
Degree in: (Job they are looking for)
Personality: (Humorous,or down right snotty.Whatever you are, post here.)
History: (Story of the student.)

*Roles* (*=Good _=Bad *_=Neither.. And you have no fucking clue whats going on...)

*Forensics Scientist 1: They can be handed a role every2days, but can't vote for that person (You can encourage people to vote for that person....)
*Doctor 1: Helps an injured person.
*Cop 1: Can investigate for clues about the killer that I will post.
*_Family 3: Know who there family is.
*_Drunk 1: Determines who will be voted off in a tie.
_Deceiver 2: Deceives someone into an alliance and is taught their roles. They do not know who the mob boss is.
_Henchmen 2: Will take the successor's place if he dies.
_Successor 1: Will take the mob boss's place if he dies.
_Mob boss 1: Kill one person each night.


Roles are chosen from you personality, history, and your degree.

I love you Pivot.

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I'm not gay, I just love you. Today is the day, of day to day all day so you can have a great day.


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2 Re: [Sing-ups] Mafia Jungle. on Sun Mar 29, 2009 7:10 am

Im in

Name: Scar
Age: 21
Degree in: Inventor
Personality: Kind, loving but knows how to fight.
Looks: Very hansom. Black medium hair. He has a faint scar across his face.
History: Very Adventoures. (Sorry, cant spell) Very clever, people call him a nerd.

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3 Re: [Sing-ups] Mafia Jungle. on Sun Mar 29, 2009 9:29 am


Okay, and just so you know, the roles will be determined by your personality and history.

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4 Re: [Sing-ups] Mafia Jungle. on Sun Mar 29, 2009 11:48 am

I'll be in, but pivot, you're not gonna get 15 users, so you should decrease that.

name: alex
age: 23
degree in: law
personality: on the surface, he appears the normal law-school nerd, but he's got wicked reflexes and was on the wrestling team every year in high school, so it bothers him what people think of him
looks: ugly face, brown curly hair, but powerful upper and lower body
history: mother and father were both laywers, so he went to law school as well. He had no idea this would reduce his social standing to almost zero. This has caused him to be a bit bitter with everyone, but his friends still see him for who he is.

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quick question: who's arming all these cats?
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5 Re: [Sing-ups] Mafia Jungle. on Sun Mar 29, 2009 4:57 pm


Name: Zerzavy
Age: 19
Degree in: Game designing
Personality: Barely likes anyone...and just wants everything to be over with. oh, he also likes the color purple strangely.
Looks: red hair, purple shirt/shoes, white shorts (with purple pockets Very Happy), and purple headphones (...Barely likes anyone...)
History: I think the quotes of "get out of my face" and "just shut up" and "move, you're blocking my way" explain enough

i didnt put anything just for aiming at a role.


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