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This is a place where people can come together and be...Well, casual. Make friends, make enemies and make pie!. Okay, no pie but theres friends, enemies and much, much more!

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Goodbye Casual World

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1 Goodbye Casual World on Sun Apr 12, 2009 6:08 am

I am sorry, but having seen amanningman's thread, I realise I must do the same thing too. I have no time to spend on this site, and with its horrible lack of posters I see no use in staying here. It'll always be practically dead, there is never anyone in chat anymore, and we only ever get pointless posts in the RP section. Maybe one day this will be, I know that a forummotion site can never attain popularity enough to make it a great site like Kongregate. Nobody knows about it, there are no links to it from anywhere besides on sites like Kongregate, and probably NG (I think someone will have posted a "join us" thread on there) and AG. I will begin to post again when the forums become more interesting, and less of a splattering of the RP section with a post in the other sections roughly once every 48 hours. And some of these parts of the forum haven't been posted on for an absolute age.

I wanted Casual World to grow and become more than it is, but I see know that it is never going to happen. I'll still be on Kongregate, though, and I'll still be as annoying as ever. Very Happy Sad

I'll also let you know, on a less cruel and callous note to the previous segments of my post, that I like you people. The Kongregators who post on here I rarely ever see on Kong, for their posts are lost in a sea of many people's, unlike this small place. I got to know users I never would have known-such as amanningman, Slater and Mysterymason-better, and my experience as a moderator opened my eyes as to how I am too spammy on Kongregate, too flamey, too contradictory. I will probably not change that much, but I have become less of a spammer since I came to this site, and I guess that is one of the gifts it has given me, in addition to getting to know people better. It was fun, but it seems now the place has darkened and become even deader than it was with our first fifteen or so users.


Y'all is a nice word, y' is my final "gift" to what is, in hindsight, not as bad a site as my first paragraph states. Laugh, pretty please. I did.


Yours sincerely, the...ever annoying...mariosuperlative...

Definition of superlative 1. The highest definition or degree of something. 2. An adjective meaning "excellent". Mario has it all... " alt="" />
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2 Re: Goodbye Casual World on Sun Apr 12, 2009 5:46 pm

OH MAH GAWD!!! Sad Everyone is leaving! Next thing you know, the grues will take control and we will be forced to be called.

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3 Re: Goodbye Casual World on Sun Apr 12, 2009 8:18 pm

dam you, mario, you're exit thread was better than mine!
Anyway, I'm glad I've come to know you too, mario. And I approaciate what this forum has done for me username. Thanks. Guys, KEEP THIS SITE ALIVE!

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