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[Story] Klyt-907

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1 [Story] Klyt-907 on Thu May 28, 2009 11:49 am


*Chapter 1: The beggining.*
I'm called Adam and I'm ten years old.
“Mum! Where are my toys?” I shout from the bottom of the crooked stairs.
“Behind the door!” My mum nervously shouted. I go to the door and look behind it. Nothing. I run into the living room. Nothing. The only place that they could be is in dad’s room. I run into the hallway as fast as I could and I grab the handle, pull down, and smash into the wall. I stumble backwards as I realise that it was locked. I look behind me and find my dad standing in my way. He grabs my hair and lifts me up. Pain creeps into my skull and 10 seconds later, he lets go, staring at my unconscious body.

As soon as I forced my eyes open, I raced downstairs and look at my dad’s door. Locked still. I sigh and slip into my mum’s room.
“Mum? How can we get into dads room?” I ask hoping for an answer.
“ I will let you into a secret, I’m not even aloud in there. I know how to get into there but can you keep a secret?” She replies with a puzzled look.
“ Sure!” I smile. She pulls me closer and whispers something into my ear.
I run into the bathroom and punch into the wall. I push my hands through and pull
my self into the incredibly tight space. I felt my claustrophobic side take control, but I force it back. I grab onto the ladder, rusted and broken, and climb.
1 minuite later, I reach the top. It seemed like an eternity but it was worth it. The top was covered in wood and I felt myself get a splinter. I crawled through and found a big opening on the floor to something. I grab it and pull with all my strength. To my surprise, it opens quickly. I drop myself through and look at my surroundings. A toy box lay in the corner of the metallic room. I grab it and try to climb up. It wont fit. I hear a lock turn in the door and I start to panic. My dad held the record for the meanest parent ever. He was a weight lifting champion. I push with all my strength but it still wont fit. I drop the box and change my position into the bear, A high stance for the animal fighting. The door pushes open and I breathe a breath of relief. My mum was standing in the arch doorway. I run out, taking the box with me. My mum quickly locks the door. We run into the living room and throw ourselves onto the couch. We laughed a lot and this was where it all went wrong. Bullets flew through the window unexpectedly and shattered the newly made glass into a million pieces of moonlight. We looked up and realise that the moon was up, making the glass reflect. We threw ourselves onto the floor as the bullets fly past our heads. We stood up and run. I felt the bullets pound into the floor behind us. My heartbeat quickens and smashes against my ribcage so hard that it blocked out all the sound of the bullets smashing around us. The amount of oxygen we have left was ripped apart by the flying bullets. The final bullet in there gun, a D70-993 (The fastest bullet ever) shot down in the wrong target. My mum. I was assuming they were out to get me and I think I was right. My mum yelled, pushed me down and paused. The bullet had drove right into her heart and created a hole the size of a toothpicks sharp edge. It was nearly impossible to see but I managed to make it out. She fell onto her knees and gestured a sign. A sign to run. I turned around and ran into a lot of people. At least 50. This was the end and I knew it. I looked and examined my attackers. The SAS. They weren’t trying to kill me. They didn’t want to kill my mum. They were training me.

*Chapter 2: Forced*

“Why did you kill my mum!”
“ We didn’t mean to, we didn’t even want to!” A member of the SAS, David, screams.
The rage inside me increases and I almost want to destroy the whole building.
“ It wasn’t our fault. We sent your dad to tell you that you were our latest recruit. We wanted to train you.” He calms down.
“ But my dad didn’t tell me…” I reply sadly.
“ That might be because of his freak accident on a surfboard this morning. He was such a brilliant surfboarder. He was one of our worst enemies target.” He tells me. “He didn’t know what was happening, apart from there was a rocket chasing him. He did all he could, but in the end, the rocket came into contact with his board. He fell of and cracked his skull on a rock. After all, he drowned.”
“ Such an epic way to die.” I laugh. David swiftly kicks my heel, but I lifted my foot and broke his jaw with my elbow. He howled in pain.
“ I think your ready to join the army…” He mumbles through his blood-covered jaw.
“ What!!! Is this what your talking about? No way.” I turn around and head for the door. All the soldiers in the room raised their gun at me.
“That’s not going to work im afraid…” I smirk. They pull the triggers. The sound reminded me of me and my mum in the house, dodging the barricading bullets. I leap into the air and I hover there for quite a while. At last, I drop. I gasp and the soldiers stare at me, guns away.
“What’s happening?” I question.
“The KLYT-907…” David replies, gazing at me.
“What’s the KLYT-907?” I stare at him, puzzled.
“ It was an ancient myth. It had the power to destroy anything it set its sights on. There are 13 parts spread around earth, including in the most dangerous places. The other 7 parts are a bit more advanced. They’re in the galaxy. We need to unite the parts before the 29th May 59917, in two months time…” He says. “And I think we have found one of the 13.”
“Why do you have to do it in 2 months…” I ask, even more confused.
“ Grakkle. The ultimate monster. He has risen and is setting out to destroy the world. He had to wait in the heart of the sun for 10 billion years until one part of the KLYT-907 is revealed. That person is you.”
“What!” I ask, scared.
“He needs you to complete his plan. You have to find the 19 remaining parts, which are like you, human. Then if you are all together, you can defeat him. We need you recruited into our team now!” He screams.
“ Ok…” I say.

*Chapter three:Fight after the flight.*
“So, which ones are we going to get first?” I ask.
“We are going to the ones on earth first, also known as part 2.” David replies, still mumbling from where I broke his jaw. I gaze at him, feeling sad that I broke his jaw. Dried blood was shared out between the two parts of his mouth. I expect that he hates me right now. David points to a jet.
“ In here.”
“Is this where the second part is?” I say hopefully.
“No.” My smile drops.
“ This is how you’re going to get there.” He smiles.
“ Who’s driving?” I question.
“ You.” He replies.
“No way…” I stare at him in disbelief. I step up to the pilot seat and turn on. The engine rumbles and throbs for a minute. The plane jolts forward and nearly nocks me out of my seat. I scream as the plane flies up into the sky. David magically appears by my side as I pull the speed button to 900 mph. We shoot into the clouds and I spot a passanger plane slowly appearing out of nowhere. I scream and steer sideways, but I was too late. We smashed into the plane and span out of control. I jumped of my seat and ran to the window. I looked out and saw that one of our engines were destroyed. The other engine was gone in a blink of an eye. I tried to calm myself down. David was laughing and cheering as we dropped through the sky as quick as ever. He stared outside and grabbed me.
“Look outside!” He screamed. I run to the door and rip it open. The force blew me outside and I heard David say my name and reach for me. I reached out and instead of grabbing onto his hand, I grabbed onto the planes landing wheels. I was there, hanging onto for my life. I felt my hand slipping away. I reach my other hand out and, just in time, grab the same wheel. I feel something hard grip onto my ankle. I looked down and saw a monster, 10 foot, Hanging on my ankle. Grakkle! Pain seeps through my body as claws dig into my side. I saw a figure leap of the plane and land on Grakkles back. David was standing there, with a gun pointed to the monsters neck. Grakkle reaches his spare hand out, grabs David, and tears him away from his head. He gazes at the small human and speaks.
“Give me Klyt-907 intestergrade bimap 5! Give it to me!!!” He screams in a low pitch voice.
“I’ll never give it to you!” David yells back, punching Grakkle in the face. Grakkle grunts and throws David down from the sky. I stare down at my friend. My dead friend. Grakkle grabs my chest and picks me up. The broken plane twists and turns, making me feel sick. My eyes glow a dark green. My body starts to glow white. I drop out of his hand without him letting go and I shoot a yellow blast at the twisting plane. The plane falls under my control and I command it to hit Grakkle. It spins and the top goes on fire. It crashes into his stomach and he leaps back, distracted by the plane. He disappears in a cloud of dust and the dust surrounds me. I feel myself turning back to normal, and I drop. About 10 seconds before I hit the floor I faint. I can’t remember even falling 5 seconds before I hit the floor.

*Chapter 4: How to save a friend.* ( Short chapter)

I woke up standing in a circle with 4 other people standing with me. They pushed me in the middle with such force that my back felt as if it was just hit by a sledgehammer. I yelped and stood in the middle, confused. Darkness surrounded the outline of the circle and i could feel some sort of energy pass through me. The darkness came in closer and exploded in a white light. Through the light, i saw a beast. It was a unicorn type creature. It stared at me and spoke-
" Get on me. You have to escape." I stare at it and realise im in danger where i was standing. I leap of the ground in front of me just as it collapses into dust. I grab onto the unicorn and kick at its sides. It runs over what looked like a desert. A rough sandstorm stood over a town, ripping its buildings and inhabitants apart.
"You have to test the Klyt-907 once again, To save your friends and others." It says with an emotionless voice.
"What friends?" I ask.
"David. He is trapped. Save him." He replys. I screech as the creature taps his foot and flys through the air. It rocketed past and i heard a helicopter above us. They had guns and were aiming at me. One pulled the trigger too early and it disintergrated a lump of sand into dust. The leader raised the gun at the unlucky killer and shot. He screamed and dissapeared in a cloud of human dust. He turned to face me, but i was aready gone.

*Chapter 5: Saving the dead.*

I leapt of the unicorn and shot into the sandstorm. I was nearly teared apart by the force of the sand swirling around like rubble. I landed softly on one foot and opened a hand. I used my part, the weaponist which i discovered during my first fight with Grakkle. A gun appeared in my hand and i heard a familiar sound above my head. I did a backflip and, in midair, shot 5 bullets. I managed to take a glimpse of what i was shooting at. It was the helicopter. 5 Men dropped from the copter to the ground, clutching the wound. The leader turned and spat. He reloaded his gun and shot, aiming for my body. I leapt out of the way and felt the heat of the blast next to my foot. I should be dead by now. I shot 2 more bullets. The leader turned and stared at his body. It had 2 bullet holes in with blood oozing out. He faced me and smiled. His destroyed body seemed to suck in the wounds and replaced it with some kind of new skin. My smile drops. I run and leap into a house. I hear the sound of his gun shooting. It hits the house and all that was there, including me, was disintergrated into dust. I scream as i was teared apart. I feel a hand wrap round my ankle, the ankle that hadnt disintergrated yet, and pulled. I shot into a wall and turned around. I jumped up and laughed as i discovered that i was turned back to a solid human form. I looked around to find my saviour, but all i found was a zombie standing in the middle of the room, with a obviously fake smile. The rubbish excuse for a smile soon turned to a smile of anger and aggression. I shot myself like a cannon at the zombie. But it was quicker. It grabbed my head and spun me around. It lifted his knee and it hit my face. I tried to pull myself away but as quick as a flash, it lifted me above the ground. It threw me into a wall and sped towards me. I leapt out of the way and produced a smg. I shot at his head at least 500 times a second for 10 second. 5000 Bullets flew into its head and it exploded. Purple blood shot everywhere and i threw my smg to stop the blood hitting me. The smg burned away and i began to realise it was acid blood. I created acid-protective armour. I put it on me and went to examine the body. Its body was dressed in a pink skirt. I ran and looked outside. Zombies were everywhere. I only recognised one of them. David. Somethnig made me scream even though i wasnt scared. The Klyt-907 part in me. It wants to be summoned. The zombies turn to face me and suddenly i feel scared. I ignore the annoying part of the most leathel weapon in history and run. The sandstorm outline suddenly turns into a metal wall. I was trapped in a zombie infested place with no-one here to help me. I sighed and, despite my best efforts, new i was going to die, but i have to try. I tense my muscles, ready for the zombies. They all smile, then pounce.

*Too young to die*
I screamed and held my hand out to protect myself from the charging zombies. The end was coming and i knew it. My mission was to protect my part, but i failed before it even started. I shot a wave of electrisity through my fingers and onto the ground. Approximatly 6.3 zombies fell to the floor. The 0.7 part of a zombie stood up and roared through its destroyed mouth. It charged at me and did one of the most astonishing moves ever. It flipped over and his foot smashed into my nose. It grabbed my neck and forced his hand shut. I struggeled to pull his hand apart and realised i couldnt. I kicked with all force and my foot hit his groin. He let go and screamed louder than before. The other zombies leapt at me and i felt a pair of razor-sharp teeth bite into my shoulder. My arm dropped to the floor and i felt pain, more than anyone could ever imagine. I was being teared apart. I was too young to die. I screamed as another hand dropped off. My eyes gazed down and saw my legs gone. I was going to die. It was quite obvious. Suddenly, I feel my part of the Klyt-907 erupt rom the inside. I opened my mouth and light burst from it. Some of the zombies disintergrated into dust and I healed myself. New body parts grow and i punch a zombie. It goes flying into a petrol can. The petrol spills everywhere and, realising that i could, shot electrisity and fire at it, setting it alight. The zombies burned and i punched the metal wall surrounding the sandstorm. I create a hole and rip it open. I step out and run. I just escaped, with only the Klyt-907 part and a petrol can to save my life.

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