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[Story] The Dark Light

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1 [Story] The Dark Light on Sat Feb 21, 2009 3:51 pm

The Seven

The Dark Light

Chapter 1 – The Beggining

BOOM!, Another Invention gone wrong.
Wiping my face, I wondered if he was ever going to create something that would be useful.
“Tea’s ready,” Shouted Amanda.
Ah, the 6 people I could trust, all of them were sharing a house with me.
Me, Alex, Ryan, Rose, David, Sam and Amanda are all fascinated in Maths and Technology. We want to be famous inventors.
We were all considered nerds and geeks at our old schools but when we moved to University, we met each other and we knew we would be best friends.
We like to call this house The Future House and we know one day the 7 of us will make the future. All day we are all inventing high tech equipment and giving each other impossible math problems. Our favourite pass time is Pi, we have a competition to see how many digits we can memorize. I currently hold the record because I can remember 721 digits.
“I’m just coming” I yelled.
As I walked down the wooden stairs, I wondered about how we will end up in 20 or 30 years.
When I sat down at the table, everyone was looking at me.
“What?” I asked
“Why have you got stuff all over your face.” Said Sam
“Oh, that’s because my invention exploded, again!” I replied
“Again!?” asked Rose.
“We haven’t had any luck either” Announced Alex and Ryan
“Weve got that exam to hand in tomorrow, its about the effects of time on anti-gravitional matter,” I said
“Oh Yeah, we need to get started” Said Sam.
“Who just said danger?” I asked
“No one, we didnt say anything” Amanda said queitly
“Thats weird, I swear I heard someone said Danger,” I said softly.
To be honest, I was scared.

Chapter 2 – Danger

Danger. That word had been entering in and out of my head for the past few hours. What did it mean?
I had started my exam and it was pretty good. Everyone else was working beside me.
“Does the plasma effect the way the protons accelerate off of the discharged matter” Asked David
“NO!” We all said in unison.
Then we all laughed.
“I just heard someone say danger again” I said
“You must be hearing things, are you alright” Asked Matthew
1 Hour later we had all finished
We all checked each others and reviewd them, we all got pretty much the same thing.
“Ahhhhh, who keeps on saying danger!?” I screamed
“We better get him to a doctor!” Amanda said while she rushed to my aid.
“Im alright, I think.” I whispered
“I reckon you should get some sleep,” Suggested Alex
“OK” I replied
As I got into my bed, everyone from the house was watching me.
“Whats it like, having a whisper in your head,” Said David
“Strange, very strange and I don’t know whats going on. Maybe its a disease, a disease that we can cure!” I answered.
“Lets not to conclusions,” Said Ryan
“For all its worth, I think we should moniter your activity ourselfs,” Said Rose.
“Thats a good idea, maybe we could make a discovery for our own,” Suggested Sam
“Lets do it,” I said.
When everyone had left the room, I fell asleep.

Chapter 3 – The Dream

That night I had a nightmare.
I was running, running fast.
What from?
I turned. Nothing. Silence.
Suddenly, a burst of air came rushing at me. I flew back and smashed against the wall.
“Do you want to run away and be a coward.”
The voice was coming from my head, my mind.
“NO!” I screamed
“A stupid choice.”
With another burst of air, a chair in the corner of the room started floating in the air and it came rushing towards me. It hit me with great momentum and made my entire body fill with pain. Thunder roared outside and I thought I wouldn’t survive.
“Have you had enough? I think so!”
I opened my eyes. I was sweating really hard and I felt something on my chest.. I looked down and screamed.
Everyone came in to see what was wrong.
“OH MY GOD” They all said it at the same time.
On my chest was the words “The nightmare, did you have fun?” Written in thick marker pen.
Then I passed out.

Chapter 4 – Reccio

After I wiped the pen off, we all had breakfast.
“What the hell happened to you last night?! Said Alex in bewilderment.
"I had a dream, I was running away from something and I stopped to look around but nothing was there, then a strong burst of air hit me and sent me flying back, I heard a voice whisper the words “Do you want to run away and be a coward.” I said "NO!”. He said “A stupid choice.” and a chair in the corner of the room floated up in the air and hit me. I thought I was going to die. There was loads of thunder outside. The voice said “Have you had enough? I think so!” and then I woke up."
“WEIRD!” Everyone said.
“I wonder whats happening,” Said Rose
“I dont know” I replied
“Wheres Reccio?” Sam asked
“I don’t know.” Said David
“BANG!” The immense sound had come from outside.
“What the hell was that!” Screamed Amanda.
All of us went outside to investigate where the place the sound was made.
“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” We all screamed in terror.
Reccio was lying on the floor, dead, with blood all around him.
The seven stared at him with their mouths open in disbelief
“His head looks flattened so he must of fell off the top of the building!” David gasped.
They all stared in shock at their dead house mate.
“Who could of done this?” Rose whispered
"Im here"
“Who said that?” Sam said.
“I heard something” Amanda whispered
“I think we all did” Suggested Alex
This time, we all believed

Chapter 5 – Xaren

“We need to find out whats happening” Ryan announced
“We sure do,” David replied
“First of all, thats see if we can get that voice back into our heads”
“Im here, Im always here!”
“Why did you kill Reccio” Amanda screamed
“That wasn’t me. That was Xaren, the leader of the Sarians and the entity of evil that consumes reality. Mason, he was in your dream. I come from a race of aliens called the "Whisperers”, me and Xaren were friends but on a mission he was engulfed by evil and was taken on an enemy ship. I never saw him again. Im on your side. I was the one that said danger because I needed to warn you from the dream. Xaren doesnt have the ability to whisper to humans, he only has the power to posses but he can only posses one human a year, so you have a year to kill him. Reccio’s death was only to scare you from the attack"
“Is there anything else we should know,” David said
"Yes, Xaren possesed Reccio and he made him write on your chest and kill himself. Tonight I will connect your dreams so you will all be able to talk away from the spys of Xaren.
“Cool, I’ve always wanted to be in a connected dream” I said.

Chapter 6: Connected

We all went to sleep early so we would have more time in the dream.
As I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep I was suddenly teleported to a completly white room with a wooden table in the middle and 8 chairs around it.
I decided to sit at one of the chairs and wait. 5 minutes later, Sam appeared in the room.
“Hello Mason” Said Sam
“Hi” I replied
“I guess this is the connected dream” Sam said.
Suddenly Amanda and Matthew appeared, then Slater and Rose and finally Joe appeared. We all sat down.
“This is so cool” Matthew said
“I know” replied Slater
“Wheres the Whisperer” Rose asked.
“I dont kn-”
Suddenly a man in a black robe appeared next to the table and he sat down in the biggest chair that had the word “Sebestian” carved in the wood.
“Hello kids” The man said.
“Hi, why is their the word "Sebastain” on your chair." I said
“Thats my name” Said Sebastian
“Oh, OK” I replied
“Lets get down to business, next year Xaren will posses the president of the United States and send 10 nuclear bombs to each and every country in the world. How can we stop him?” Asked Sebastian
“Warn him!”
“Defeat Xaren!”
“We can't defeat him without a weapon, there is a special gun that can defeat Xaren but it is made up of different parts. The 7 parts are located through out the Galaxy. We then need to travel to The Nebula Of Power to get the essence that will power it.” Sebestian announced
“What?!?, were traveling across the galaxy?!? Amanda said.
“Yep!”Sebestian answered
“But the energy we need to travel that far will exceed the boundaries that electrons can provide!” Alex exclaimed
Sam was about to speak when he caught something shining in the corner of his eye.
Sebastian was holding a glowing orb that appeared to be changing colour every millisecond.
“W-What is that?” Sam asked in bewilderment.
“A regular Orb, don't tell me they don't use these on Earth!” Sebestian muttered
“Not that we know of, but the government does keep lots of secrets.” I replied
“You humans are very unintellectual life forms aren't you.” He said.
“We know!” Sam shouted amusingly
“Anyway, down to business. The first part is located in the castle of “Cer” in the planet “Herte” in the solar system “Pointa 3”. Are we ready to go, we will leave in exactly 13 hours, 26 minutes and 54 seconds.” He explained
“TOMMOROW!?!” Pretty much all of us said.
“Thats right” he replied.
“What about everyone we know, the space time continuum moves at 5 times the speed at earth continuum. Well be reported missing in what would seen to be 1 week.” I said
“Don't Worry, I've thought everything through, when we have done the missions I will rewind time itself ,so, you'll be the age you we're when you left and no-one will remember you going. It will be like you never left. The definitive time line will be the one I put you back in.” He explained, again.
“Cool, time travel!” Ryan said excitingly.
“Exactly” He replied
“Explain to me how you will do it.” Sam asked Sebastian
“Do what?” He answered.
“Time travel, I mean, Earth has never done it before, the calculations and practical method are physically impossible.
“Oh really?” He answered
Suddenly three pictures appeared in his hands, the first one was a man in what looked like a flashing machine, the second was the same man but the picture looked like it had been taken 30 years before and the third picture was the same man but a picture that looked like it had been taken 50 years before the first one. How could this be?
“How?” We all said.
“Let me explain, on the first picture a man called Luke Turner invented a “working” time traveling machine. No one believed him. They all gathered to watch it. When he got in and turned on the machine, a bright light engulfed the lab and when the light went, the man was gone. The supervisors said that he was exposed to extremely high temperatures, as a result, disintegrating him. The pile of black substance, no more than 15 centimeters high, almost confirmed this statement. What they didn't know was that the substance was actually the bi-product of time travel. He then entered the “Time Flumox” a place where you can pick what time you want to go in. He picked 1970 first, and took a picture of himself. He then went to 1950 and took another picture of himself. After that he mailed them to me. I don't know how he knew me. Anyway, no one ever saw him again.”
“Nice. Anyway, before when you said you'll put us back at the “age” we were. Don't tell me this will go on for more than a year.” David exclaimed.
“I will be needing you for approximately 12.5 years.” He said in the same tone he says for everything.
“No.” Joe, Ryan and Rose said in unison, it wasn't a jokey “no” it was a serious no “no”.
“NO!?! I wasn't expecting that answer, its the opportunity of a life time!” He said
“We might die!” Joe said
“No, you might not!” He replied.
A drop of sweat trickled down David's face. You don't sweat in dreams. Weird.
“I guess we have to accept” David mumbled
“OK then, we will start next week, be prepared but I will always be in your head.”
and with those words, Sebestian disappeared.

Chapter 7: Preparing For The Worst

I opened my eyes, Light. I felt the cold air blow onto my chest.
“Had a good night sleep?” Sebestian said
“Of course it was good!” This time, it was Amanda's voice.
How could I hear her.
“Hello everybody!” This time, it was Ryan's voice.
“If we think of stuff, can we hear it” I thought
“Only if you want us to” Sebestian replied.
“This is so cool, can we d-
“WOW, this is amaz-
“This is brilli-
All of our voices were overlapping. I couldn't hear myself think.
“Be quiet, this thought communication channel is too noisy, you'll get headaches. Because you're in a small area, you can talk. Not think. Thinking communication is only for large areas where you can't be heard even with the loudest shout.” Sebestian explained
“OK, but its so cool” I thought
“OK, but its so cool” I thought
No one thought after that, I mean they thought, but they didn't want anyone else to hear it.
I walked downstairs. They were all sat at the table. I sat down.
“Now were all here, we can discuss” Ryan said
“Yeh” Sam thought
“OK, Sam, that was creepy. We were talking then you were thinking.” I said
“By the way, when we enter different planets, I can be seen in visible form. I can't be on earth because I'll look to out of place.” Sebestian said
“OK, cool” I replied.
“Down to business. Do you want to learn magic.” Sebestian asked
We were lost for words.
“We....... Would LOVE to!” I managed to breath out.
The others still couldn't talk.

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2 Re: [Story] The Dark Light on Sat Feb 21, 2009 4:50 pm

Yo, Slater's here, lets get the party started the rock god has arrived.

Good story

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3 Re: [Story] The Dark Light on Sat Feb 21, 2009 4:55 pm

Yay, Slater has joined! Go to the Introductory thread and alert people to your prescence. Very Happy

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4 Re: [Story] The Dark Light on Sat Feb 21, 2009 10:55 pm

Slater9731 wrote:Yo, Slater's here, lets get the party started the rock god has arrived.

Good story

YAYZ!!! DO WHAT Mariosuperlative SAID!!! cheers cheers cheers lol! lol! lol!

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5 Re: [Story] The Dark Light on Sun Feb 22, 2009 10:59 am

Does anyone like it???

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6 Re: [Story] The Dark Light on Sun Feb 22, 2009 2:33 pm

Mysterymason wrote:Does anyone like it???
Yeah, I was gonna tell you how much i liked it mut i got distracted by slater lol. its great though. nice job lol!

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7 Re: [Story] The Dark Light on Tue Feb 24, 2009 1:38 pm

I like it. It's rather reminiscent of A Nightmare on Elm Street what with the dreams and everything. Clever, not exactly terrifying but decently scary coming from someone younger than fifteen. Congratulations, just, as I tell everyone, work on your grammar and pace.

Grammar and pace.
Grammar and pace.
Grammar and pace.

I like grammar and pace. And I suck at it.

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8 Re: [Story] The Dark Light on Fri Feb 27, 2009 3:47 pm

Hi!!! ive joined now thx to mason and slater.

Brilliant story!! its got alot of suspense and it is quite strange if you think about this. Its also a good cliff-hanger after each chapter.
The only thing you need to think about is that it is going past way to quickly. mariosuperlative ( i think thats his name, not sure) told me about this in my stories and just have 1-5 paragraphs introducing all the characters where nothing bad happens at all, then go into the action.
Other than that, i think this will end up as a great story!

squidward568 Smile

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9 How to Improve on Fri Feb 27, 2009 4:02 pm

Yep, grammar and pace seem to be the major flaws in most online creations (besides writing forum ones, which are erm...outstanding...), so they need to be worked on. My grammar is average and my pace is too fast. This grammar is average and the pace is a little faster than mine. Not that I'm saying mine's better, your plot and style here is really good. I'm apprehensive about posting might get stolen, so I'm kind of screwed. You can't trust people on the internet, but I really want to show it to you guys. If I showed just the first chapter it wouldn't do any harm, I suppose...(well, the prologue I mean-the first chapter comes next) The fact is, my first few chapters differ to the rest, as they are more poetic. But hints of the start shine through later on. Each Chapter in Part 1 (Chapters 1-9) is about 900 words, each chapter in Part 2 (Chapters 10-19) is about 1100 words. The average length of a Harry Potter Chapter in the later few books is 7000 words, my first "part" is about 8100. :shocked: But my chapters keep getting longer, and my God, people do die. Twisted Evil

Anyway, back to this, when can you continue it? It's rather absorbing and enjoyable, clever and fun and all-round a good story-internet quality standards are not high, so you beat them quite a bit. I won't go too far and call it brilliant or amazing-it's great, yes. I hate it when people are overly in love with my stories (or pretend to be) and don't offer any criticism. I also hate it when people despise my stories and offer me a heap of unhelpful criicism (improve you grammar without mentioning what you're doing wrong-oh that reminds me, some of your speech is a little off, sometimes not ending with a commar, and in the first line you capatlise after a commar, tut tut, and in one speech you end with a fullstop...just little things you should work on, okay? I hope I'm not sounding too cruel here. Razz

Yours sincerely, the ever annoying mariosuperlative.

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10 Re: [Story] The Dark Light on Fri Mar 13, 2009 1:37 pm

that was...
although i wonder what slate's reaction will be to being called a "nerd"

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11 Re: [Story] The Dark Light on Wed Mar 25, 2009 2:34 pm

Wicked new chapter!!!

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12 Re: [Story] The Dark Light on Wed Mar 25, 2009 2:53 pm

Squidward568 wrote:Wicked new chapter!!!


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O o
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