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The Truth Behind The Mascot Candidates

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1 The Truth Behind The Mascot Candidates on Sat Feb 28, 2009 11:03 am

Welcome To The Candidate Directorey
Here, you can see all the candidates profiles. As you know Sheldon The Turtle is the official mascot of Casual World. Although Sheldon won, the other candidates wanted to get the word out about themselves.
Sheldon The Turtle
Sheldon is obviously a turtle. He isn't a snapping turtle or a box turtle... He is a casual turtle. Sheldon likes slow(Realy slow)walks on the beach and being the official mascot of
Wes The Goldfish
Wes was Username6's pet. Sadly, Wes has now *sniffles* passed on. To honor his dead pet, Username6 nominated him as a mascot-candidate. But I guess nobody wants a dead fish for a mascot...
Piper The Puppy
Piper is Username6's current pet and is a BichonFreiseh, Poodle Mix. Otherwise known as the "Daisy Dog." Piper is hypo-alergenic which means it does not shed and it is ALMOST impossible to be alergic too.
George The Frog
George was a third party candidate that "Croaked" after he saw that he was losing. George died of a heart attack and cursed Casual Man and Sheldon The Turtle as he died...
Casual Man
Casual Man was one of the main candidates and was actualy winning the campain agaist Sheldon. Eventualy, Sheldon one by snagging a few votes.
This man who is the most casual thing in the world(Aside from Sheldon)was inspired by Blockhead(A flash cartoon by "The Swain")and the mayor on "Fancy Pants Adventures World 2(He pops out after you beat the optional golf level)
The Globe
The Globe enjoys being the symbol of the internet in people's mind but it wanted to branch out and be the symbol of Casualworld. Sadly, The Globe was left in the dust instantley of Casual Man and Sheldon The Turtle's campain.
Username6's Words
Piper really is my pet and Wes is really a dead goldfish. As far as Sheldon and George, they where just figments of my imagination. Sheldon seemed like a good name for a turtle and George seemed like a good name for a frog.
~Cheers, Username6

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2 Re: The Truth Behind The Mascot Candidates on Sat Feb 28, 2009 5:37 pm

*pats username on the back*
Sorry the deseased fish didn't win.
Except the turtle seemed so casual...
And death really isn't the most casual thing in the world...

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quick question: who's arming all these cats?
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